Tune in to "Return to Amish"  Episode: "Chasing Raber"
for Sabrina's tearful farewell set to the song Fear
Tune in to "Dance Moms"  Episode: "Abby Lee Horror Story"
for Brynn's featured solo performance to Black Dahlia

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Los Angeles singer/songwriter Courtney Leigh Heins blends a mixture of Americana, Country, Folk, Bluegrass and Pop melodies with the stories she has gathered while traveling through all 50 states. She has performed from Anchorage to Austin and Nashville to Ireland, but you're most likely to catch her around the L.A. area. Her three full-length albums "Bright Blue World," "Hot Coffee" and "Refolk," and her EP "Thrift Store Ballads" are currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, CDBaby and various online retailers. Influences include Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Beck, Eddie Vedder, Loretta Lynn, The Jayhawks, Son Volt, Wilco, Kris Kristofferson & Lucinda Williams.

"Emerging as an observant working class songstress on the Ourstage radar..." -- Aidan Rush, Ourstage (US)

"Home cooked groove...aching, country bluesy feel to vocal attitude, great lyric references. Immensely promising."--TAXI (US)

"She shows herself in the emotionally-moving "Lightly" with an effortless Stevie Nicks vibe ala Fleetwood Mac. Uptempo, lively country music dotted with mandolins and pedal-steel guitars are well-appreciated, but Courtney wins us most in her sensitive, tender ballads, such as the love tale "Saginaw." -- Rootstime (Belgium)